It is with great pleasure that I extend on behalf of the R.A.S.Q. Committee this invitation to you to take up your membership again in 2017.

With just two recognised accredited Royal Shows in Queensland and with Toowoomba being one of only ten, accredited Royal Shows Australia wide, makes membership of Toowoomba’s Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland one of the most prestigious memberships available.

To assist with the future growth and success of the Society through its assets some changes have been made to the membership arrangements.  These changes are in response to the feedback received from the Members’ Survey and are designed to grow membership and maximise the flow-on benefits for both our members and all those using the facility.

We are also addressing member’s comments in regard to increased benefits on a range of levels and will soon announce the results of negotiations we are currently having with selected local businesses to offer RASQ Members special discounts with purchases made with them.

The Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland was the first Royal Show Society formed in Queensland back in 1860. 

So please join us on this exciting journey into the future.

Membership Fees

Membership Application Form 2017

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